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This term is a widely known term… But does it work?

A colleague of mine recently created an “unprogram” program. It’s exactly what is needed in this world of DIY’ers and self-help’ers. This concept (though super beneficial to some people), is really not for others.

If this is hitting home, try thinking differently. Instead of trying to help yourself to be something that you are not, try becoming more of who you are. This means living your life the way that feels good. Don’t over think or over analyze. Just be you. After all, this is exactly who we are trying to find with self-help… Right?

Get back to the basics by enjoying picnics, hugging a tree, laughing… I mean really laughing, or bbq’ing in winter. If this is who you are and this is what feels good, then you have made it! No more stressful self- help. No more programming. It’s time to forget all beliefs, all theories, and just be!



Reuse repurpose recycle

We hear these everywhere but what if we start applying this to ourselves, our careers, and our friends? What does that look like?

I love doing a “life cleanse” from time to time and these words have become a great way to positively create change.




If you could be anything what would it be?

If you could do anything what would you do? Why?

What’s stopping you?

How can you move through what is stopping you?

What are more possible roadblocks? How can you move through these?

What is your motivation?

Now what’s stopping you?



Declutter your mind… And soul

Do you ever wonder why we are suddenly stressed and angry? There doesn’t seem to be a reason for it. So why are those feelings there?

If thoughts become feelings and we are observing clutter then could it not be clutter that is blocking your mojo? If it is, try these simple suggestions to feel better:

-try cleaning out one cupboard, drawer, room a day till you feel you have cleared out all the negativity

-pay attention to the details. Which area or objects are bothering you the most? Start there! Sometimes it’s the markers without lids that bother us more than the desk full of paper.

-If the clutter seems impossible to get rid of or you don’t know where to start, just begin by stacking things into neat piles. This can help free your mind to know where to start. Also, one pile is much easier to tackle at a time than an entire room.

-lastly, celebrate after! Paint your toe nails, take a bath, spend 15 minutes doing something you love, or sit back with a smile and take in what you have accomplished. We are much more willing to repeat a task when it ends on a positive note.

Special note: don’t be too hard on yourself. After all, sometimes it is more beneficial to find peace in chaos instead of ending it. We get so programmed to do things “right” but what if we can find joy in the present without changing it. How powerful could that be for your life? Would you be able to see the positive now and relax into it without those “should” messages?


There is always so much to do and it feels like there is no time to do it. Perhaps this is due to a lack of motivation and prioritizing.

Motivation can be found all around you. Look inside and outside of yourself. What are your passions and beliefs? If you believe that you can accomplish anything you put your mind to you are probably more willing to get up and try something new. If you believe that you can make any task fun and you have a passion for colour… Then you could use those as motivation. Organize with colour and turn it into a game. Include your partner, friends, or kids.

When summer arrives we love to procrastinate and spend time outside. Lets try taking at least one task we dislike outside. If we can satisfy more than one need at once we can feel fulfilled and maybe even save some time!



Love thy self

Self care is such a huge importance these days. We are so busy wearing several different “hats” and unfortunately we are the ones who suffer.
Everyone’s self care looks different so I won’t offer any examples and instead challenge each person to think of what they do. How do you take care of yourself?



Black History Month

If we open ourselves up to the lessons that surround us daily we find answers to questions that have us confused.
What can we learn from the people who have walked this earth before us?
Black History Month is one of the many chances we get to educate ourselves. We have this opportunity to learn so much and appreciate the lives of others. Lets make this count… Lets take the opportunity.

Domestic Violence Awareness Month

With this month being focused on Domestic Violence I feel it is important to blog about it. This is a topic that is close to my heart. I believe that treating eachother with respect is very important to a healthy relationship. Nobody, no matter the situation, diserves to be treated with violence and aggression! Often you see society turning their back to domestic violence. For various reasons it is ignored or thought of as “not our business”  Domestic violence doesn’t just appear in straight relationships either. It can be found anywhere.

You are the magic.

What if you were told every day by someone you trusted that you, yourself, are the gift. The gift to yourself, your friends, your family, your career, your life…
What might you change?
What might you feel, think, do?
Who would you call?
Who would you choose not to call?

Do you trust yourself? Would you be willing to tell yourself this every day?



Simple but fresh. My office is a light airy place to relax and work through life’s challenges.

Simple but fresh. My office is a light airy place to relax and work through life’s challenges.